Sunday, April 26, 2009

BetterPix 1.0 Released in the App Store!

My second iPhone application, BetterPix, became available today in the iPhone App store. I initially started working on the application just for my own use, but I soon realized that many people take pictures with their iPhones that can benefit from the photo enhancing methods in BetterPix.

Having the iPhone camera always available is great. However the pictures can be poor because the iPhone camera has a fixed-focus lens and does not have a flash. This results in soft images with low contrast in the mid-tones. BetterPix can fix these problems and make your iPhone photos look better.

BetterPix helps to improve your iPhone images with two sophisticated software approaches that help compensate for the deficiencies of the iPhone camera:

  • The focus method improves image sharpness without introducing the harsh pixelation of simple sharpening filters.

  • The fill flash method improves exposure and contrast in backlit situations and when outdoor subjects are in partial shadow. It will add light to underexposed areas without blowing out the highlights or muddying the shadows.

Unlike many other iPhone photo processing apps, BetterPix processes and saves FULL RESOLUTION 1200x1600 pixel images! Most other apps reduce the image to one-quarter size, vastly decreasing the quality and usefulness of the image. BetterPix keeps every precious pixel that the iPhone camera captures. Also, BetterPix supports both portrait and landscape modes, as well as zoom, pinch, and pan viewing of the preview image.

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